This Duke Elegant Combine includes a Ford Twolite Headlamp Housing (1930s), Running Light (1940s), Interior Dome Light (1920s), Interior Door Handles and Window Pull (1930s), Glass Jewel Indicator Light and Bakelite Instrument Panel Knob (both 1930s-1950s), Flexible Arm (contemporary.
An early stage in the biomorphic cloning process now familiar in such subspecies as Recombinator. At this stage all mutations ocurred after chance encounters between stray genetic material and randomly displaced auto parts; the likelihood that a Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) from a firefly or glowworm of the species Lampyris noctiluca joined in an incident in the area of Sugar Grove, NC in 2009 is confirmed by trace scatter analyses.
Likes: Cuban cigars, collecting portraits of Subcommander Marcos.

20” tall

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